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Mantic Previews Cooperative Mechanics in League of Infamy

When games are fully cooperative, it means that the designers have to create rules so that one side of the game entirely runs itself. In the upcoming League of Infamy game, while it can be played 1-vs-Many, it's also possible to play fully cooperatively. In this preview, we get a look at just how that'll work.

From the article:

We’ve got a special guest blog from James M. Hewitt today, co-designer of League of Infamy, alongside lead designer Sophie Williams. James is here to explain a little more about the Unseen Keep Master (which allows everyone to be on the same side) and how it works.

“…but what if everyone wants to be on the same side?”

We were having one of our regular design meetings with the lovely Mantic folks, talking about League of Infamy, and the question of fully co-operative play had come up again.

We’d been having a bit of an ideological battle around this one, and I absolutely saw their point. Sophie and I have both been playing dungeon-crawling games for years, and it’s always nice to play a game where you’re working together against the game, rather than against a single antagonistic player. It’s all too often the case that this single player has less fun; they’re usually relegated to running the game for their friends, rather than having fun themselves. We could absolutely see the appeal of a set of AI rules!