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Mantic Previews Campaigns in Deadzone

Sure, you can play just one-off games if you want, but the real place where Deadzone shines is in a campaign setting. How will that setting be changing as the new edition rolls out? We get a look at exactly that in this preview.

From the post:

Today then it’s one of the blogs that was requested by the community. A lot of you wanted to know how campaigns will work in Third Edition. In a small skirmish game like Deadzone, campaigns are always a great way to watch your favourite characters grow and develop across a series of interlinked battles – or die horribly as soon as you’ve given them a cool name. When we were planning Third Edition we always wanted to make sure that campaigns were part of the core rules but – and this is a consistent aim across Third – we wanted to make them easier and more streamlined.

You start by creating your Battle Group – these are the resources you can pull on each time you enter a Deadzone, including your units for Strike Teams and any items you uncover while exploring the various containment zones. Instead of Resource Points, you now earn credits for successfully completed missions, e.g. selling the equipment you discovered or passing on the top secret data you hacked to a rival corporation.