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Mantic Previews Boarding Actions in Armada

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Out on the high seas, it's not just cannonades at a dozen yards. Sometimes, you just gotta jump onboard an enemy ship and take them out man-to-man. In this preview of Armada, Mantic previews just how such actions will work in the game.

From the article:

It’s not long now until the launch of Armada. We’ve swabbed the decks. Cleared the crow’s nest and done whatever you’re meant to do with a poop deck. As we near the launch, we thought it was a good time for another of our super handy rules blogs! So far we’ve covered a host of important stuff like:

In today’s blog we’re dealing with another very important element: boarding actions. Yes, it’s all well and good shooting everyone from a safe distance (looking at you Basileans) but eventually you’ll need to get stuck in (looking at you orcs).

After a ship has completed all its Move Steps and Shooting, it can engage in a Boarding Action. To initiate a Boarding Action against another ship, the target ship must be within 3″ and then grappled. Luckily, this is fairly straight forward. The attacking ship makes a skill test and, if they pass, the defending boat is ominously dragged toward their hunter!