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Mantic Previews Giant Robot Hellboy

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Occasionally, I'll get a comment from someone saying that the giant robot alert went off for something that wasn't technically a giant robot. However, this time, there's no question that it is, indeed, what we have here as Mantic is showing off their Giant Robot Hellboy figure as well as giving us a look at how it works in the game.

From the article:

After announcing Giant Robot Hellboy yesterday, today we’ve got some more details on how he plays in the game and the storyline behind this mighty machine!

Giant Robot Hellboy is a huge, stompy robot controlled by one player, designed for solo play by original designers, Needy Cat Games. GRH is effectively the equivalent of a whole team of Agents! To keep things interesting, he works a little differently from normal.

Instead of a single Agent board he has a set of System cards, each one governing something different (attacking, defending, surveying surroundings, etc). Each round you have to divide your action cubes between these systems (you get more than normal, to make this more fun) then spend them in the Agent phase to make actions and activate special abilities.