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Mantic Preiews New LOS Rules in Deadzone

Line of Sight. It's a major part of miniatures games. What do you need to be able to see in order to attack an enemy model? It's never easy to decide how to make it work. Well, in Deadzone 3rd Edition, the rules for LOS are getting an update. See how in this preview.

From the article:


Right, so today it’s an important one – Line of Sight. Following our live stream at the weekend, which you can watch here, we understand that there’s a little bit of concern in some (admittedly rather small) circles about changes to Deadzone’s Line of Sight rule

Ultimately though, before we dig deeper into this, the main message is: DON’T WORRY. The rules seem like a major change but, in fact, while playing they just stop some of those gotcha moments that leave a sour taste in a player’s mouth.

In Deadzone: Second Edition Line of Sight worked by drawing LoS from the shooting model to any part of the target. This included hair, weapons, tails, little toe, etc. You could also potentially interpret the rules to said you could draw the line of sight from any part of the model too – so a gun could be poking round a wall and you draw line of sight from that. Although easy to understand, this could lead to some pretty ‘gamey’ moments, like tucking the very tip of a tail or gun into a piece of terrain to avoid clear shots. These sort of situations were typically met with a rolling of eyes and a grinding of teeth.