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Mantic Posts Vanguard Solo-play Scenario

Things are trending in a positive direction, but we're not ready to just go out and be with all our gaming friends just yet. As such, solo rules for games can be the one chance players have to get some gaming in with their favorite games. And if you're wanting a solo rules set and scenario for Vanguard, Mantic is here to help.

From the article:

Although we can probably all agree that the past year hasn’t provided a lot of positives, one of the better elements of pandemic gaming has been the increase in solo play. Whether you don’t want to lose your competitive streak, fancy trying out a new faction or just want to roll some dice, solo play has been a useful way to get in some gaming.

Thankfully there are a number of Mantic games that can be played solo:

Star Saga – thanks to the Nexus Player (and currently on sale, if you fancy picking it up)

Here’s Negan – another great solo game that’s easy to pick up and play

The Walking Dead: All Out War – solo and narrative play has always been a huge part of All Out War and we even released special AI rules (thanks to RC member Phil Rawson), which you can download here

Armada – that’s right, even Armada got the solo play treatment, thanks to RC member Jon Gunns

However, there was always one game that we felt was missing from this list… and a game that potentially lends itself well to solo or co-operative play. What game? Well, Vanguard of course! Thanks to Vanguard’s small model count and smallish play area, we always thought solo rules would work.

Thank goodness then for RC member Chris Kellahan! Last year he created some solo play rules that appeared in UK magazine Miniature Wargames. The rules were received well and, with the Vanguard 1.1 rulebook now available, we thought this was a perfect chance to try out some solo play! Plus, with Mantic’s “Get Back Gaming” initiative, this is a good opportunity to play a few games of Vanguard… just in case you’ve forgotten because it has been so long. You can download the solo scenario here.