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Mantic Posts Vanguard Rules For Free Download

Many of you have probably see a game of Kings of War: Vanguard being played. Or maybe you've only seen posts online about it. You've been curious and want to know more. If you could only get your hands on a rulebook, that'd give you everything you need to know about if you want to give the game a go or not. Well, Mantic is here to help. They've posted the Vanguard rulebook up on their website and you can download it for free.

From the announcement:

With the release of the Abyssal Dwarf warband right around the corner and some more surprises later in the year *cough* ogres *cough*, now's the perfect time to jump on board the Vanguard wagon.

Even better, did you know you can try Vanguard for FREE? The core rules are available to download from the Mantic website here. Also, you may have missed it in our festive blogs, but we've recently updated the downloadable warband rosters to include ALL the Vanguard units - including those previously only available as warband cards.