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Mantic Posts Solo Rules For Armada

Still stuck at home? Still can't go out and game with friends? Still aching for getting some gaming on? I know I am. Thankfully, companies have solo variants for many of their games. And Mantic is adding to the list by posting solo rules for Armada.

From the article:

Although some countries are now out of lockdown (or are on the roadmap to come out of lockdown), we realise that it’s still tough to get in face-to-face gaming at the moment.

If you’ve been following the Mantic Blog for a while, you should have hopefully seen our previous guide to solo play with Mantic products. One product missing from that guide was Armada. Well, all that is about to change!

With the two-player starter set now back in stock and the Empire of Dust fleet on the horizon, we’re delighted to release solo gaming rules for Armada. This fantastic guide was created by Armada Rules Committee member Jon Gunns and can be downloaded here.