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Mantic Posts Salamander Army List For Vanguard

Mantic likes to make sure you know what you're getting when you get it and that you have the resources to check out all the armies in their range. To that end, they've updated their free Vanguard pdf document to include the Salamanders army. Want to get hot and scaly on the battlefield? Now you can see what you're in for.

From the article:

Today we’ve got some exciting news because following the hugely successful release of the Salamanders army, we’ve now updated the free Vanguard warbands PDF to include the new models introduced in the army launch. What’s more, we’ve given the entire Salamander warband a new coat of scales, which we’ll go over in a moment.

Hang on though, you may be wondering what’s happened to the Vanguard warband releases, as typically we release a warband set and booster, plus any accompanying models. Well, as you may have read about it’s been a tricky year to keep up with stock. Our resin department is working flat out to produce the minis required for Kings of War and Armada, while supplies of cardboard for cards continues to pose a problem.

With that in mind, a full Vanguard release was just posing too much of a problem and we couldn’t find room to squeeze it back into the schedule. So, rather than wait until next year to use some of those sweet new Kings of War models in Vanguard, we thought we would release the warband list now and you can start creating your warbands! Later in the year, we’ll have individual releases of minis like the Lekelidon and Mage Priest so you can customize your warband too.