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Mantic Posts New Riftforged Orcs Preview

The Riftforged Orcs are coming to war soon from Mantic. These greenskins take inspiration from various real-world sources. In this preview, we get a look at some of the design ideas behind them, as well as a look at some of the new minis and the sprues they'll be coming on.

From the article:

Hi again, it’s Dave here reporting from the stormy depths of the Mantic Studio [Edthis is correct. Dave’s desk often appears to have been hit by a hurricane]! The legions of the Riftforged are finally on the march, after what feels like an age in development

A lot of the time when faced with new concepts like this, people tend to try to summarise it with a quick description, like “what if we did dwarfs, but in SPAAAAACE?”. To follow this trend, the core idea behind the Riftforged orcs was “What if we did orcs, but took them seriously?” Not quite as snappy, but it works.

Orcs are a regular fantasy archetype, and the Kings of War ones aren’t too dissimilar. They’re brutal and intelligent, but tend to come off as barbaric and uncivilised – even simple at times. The ramshackle nature of the armour and clothing and their inherent tendency towards disorganisation and in-fighting as a culture reinforces this image. There’s always been this implied threat that were they ever to mobilise properly, they would be unstoppable. That’s the Riftforged orcs.