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Mantic Posts League of Infamy Design Diary 1

In just a couple weeks, League of Infamy will be hitting Mantic's game shelves. But what went into creating this game? How did it come about? Well, we're glad you asked, as Mantic has posted up the first in a series of looks into that exact topic.

From the article:

Today we’re kicking off a series of blogs giving you a behind the scenes look at the development of League of Infamy – which is heading to stores on May 24th. In this blog, we’re looking back at the early stages of development and how League of Infamy came to be the ‘the dungeon crawler where it pays to be bad’.

But first we need to travel way back into the distant mists of time. Remember 2014? Back when we could game with another actual person and high five each other without getting arrested. What a crazy year. Well, Mantic launched a Kickstarter for Dungeon Saga, a classic take on the traditional dungeon crawler, and it went rather well! The campaign launched not only the core game, but a series of expansions and big monsters too.