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Mantic Posts 2022 OverDrive Roadmap

Mantic's giving us a look at their plans for 2022. This time around, they head into the arena with OverDrive. Get a look at what Mantic's got in store for their latest game in this preview.

From the update:

Right, let’s crack on with OverDrive then. OverDrive was released in September, so you may have missed it in all the excitement for Deadzone: Third Edition. In which case, we’ll briefly explain what OverDrive is… OverDrive is a super-fast, arena-based game inspired by classic videogame multiplayer modes, like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Pass the Bomb, etc.

Unlike a normal wargame, where you create your army list or warband, OverDrive sees you ‘drafting’ available players. Before a match, you line up any players you have with you and then each Coach drafts three players from the line-up. Imagine it like playground games where you line up against the wall and get picked by the team captain… except this time you don’t have to run into the toilets crying because you were picked last each time. Just me? Ok, I’ll move on…