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Mantic Posts 2020 Previews

2020 is upon us. If you want 2020 vision, at least in terms of what Mantic Games will be up to, they've posted a blog series looking at their different games and product lines. What's up for The Walking Dead? They'll tell you. What'll be coming for Kings of War? You can get a look. What about Hellboy? Get the scoop. Have yourselves a look.

From the announcement:

Happy New Year! 2020 is definitely the year when all your dice rolls will be lucky, you'll get all your minis painted and you'll win every game you play*

This year is already shaping up to be very busy for Mantic and over the past few days we've been previewing everything that's coming up in 2020! You can take a look at some of the highlights for the coming months below but make sure you read the blogs too!