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Mantic Looks at Damage in Deadzone

So, Deadzone is a miniatures skirmish game. You're gonna have your little mans trying to beat up your enemy's little mans. That will involve dealing damage. The damage system in the game is getting an overhaul as it moves to its 3rd edition, and we get a look at just how that'll work in this article.

From the article:

Today, then it’s time for a bonus blog on calculating damage. To be honest, this will be a relatively dry one, but we thought it was a good way to demonstrate how we’ve streamlined Third Edition to make it even faster to play. Seriously, this is wargaming at the speed of light.

In Second Edition, you had Shoot and Fight tests, along with Survive tests. All of these would start at three dice and you would increase the amount of dice depending upon certain modifiers. That’s something that definitely hasn’t changed in Third Edition. You never have to worry about modifying your stats, instead you just have to modify the amount of dice you roll, e.g. +1 dice when shooting from high ground.