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Mantic Looks Inside the New Kings of War: Vanguard 2-Player Starter Set

Longtime readers will know my love for 2-player starter sets. For one price, you and a friend can get into a game quickly and easily. They're a great way to get going on a game and already start with a good foundation for a force. However, each starter is different, so it's good to know what you're gonna get. In this post, Mantic goes inside their Kings of War: Vanguard 2 Player Starter Set and shows you just what you will find.

From the post:

This month sees the launch of the new Vanguard Two Player Set! Although Vanguard has been available since November 2018 (wow, has it been that long?) we’ve seen plenty of stores and people in the community say how much they would like to see a two-player set. After all, it’s much easier to persuade a friend to get into a game if you can both play and split the cost. So, today we thought we’d go into a little more detail about what’s inside the set! Read on potential Vanguard players…