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Mantic Looks Behind Vanguard Updates

Mantic recently released an updated rulebook for Vanguard. But what were some of the thoughts behind the changes? Well, they've posted up an interview getting behind the curtain and seeing what was changed and why it was changed.

From the interview:

What was the decision behind releasing an update version of the rulebook, rather than just a standard re-print?

Matt: After a few years of player feedback and the results of tournaments, we’d gone through a number of tweaks and changes. In addition, the Rules Committee felt that there were some things it would be good to introduce now, rather than wait for a future date when a new edition of the game might come about. So not only did it give us the chance to incorporate much of the existing FAQ and errata, but it also gave us the chance to include the Ice & Iron campaign, merging two books into one and giving people loads more content for their money. A win-win!

Was there anything, in particular, you really wanted to make sure was included in the new rulebook?

Matt: Certainly the errata and clarifications for certain rules. We’ve also tried to make some things internally more consistent (for example, the way Jumping tests work). We also took the opportunity to address some common misconceptions or things new players missed or didn’t quite grasp easily – the biggest one being a simply terminology change, renaming Forced Fatigue to Heroic Effort, to help make a clear distinction from “normal” fatigue.