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Mantic Launches Brush With Death Painting Contest

Some of you out there are really good at throwing the colored goop around and making your miniatures into real works of art.

... I'm not...

So you don't have to worry about me as any sort of competition in the Brush with Death painting contest that Mantic just launched.

From the website:

We can all agree that Mantic produce some pretty phenomenal miniatures nowadays. Massive monsters like the Undead Wyrm or Chroneas are impressive beasts, while our resin department has been pumping out some excellent minis, like the Edge of the Abyss heroes from last year. With this in mind we wanted to relaunch the Brush with Death painting competition in a big way.

Launching today ahead of the Autumn Mantic Open Day on the 10th of November you have over 2 months to get your award winning entry painted. The closing date for entries will be Saturday the 3rd November to allow the judges 1 week to go through the entries. The winners will then be announced by Ronnie Renton at the open day!

This is the start of a twice a year event, each coinciding with a Mantic Open day.