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Mantic Examines Fliers in Armada

Sure, the ships are the main focus of Armada, but there's a secondary blue ocean up in the sky that is also seeing combat. Fliers have taken to the skies and they're going to change up how the game works. In this article, Mantic takes a deep dive into fliers and how they work.

From the article:

The introduction of the varied flying creatures and contraptions in Pannithor to the Armada setting was an exciting challenge for the RC. It was the first time we could create a complete set of rules and mechanics in Armada. So, how can you use them in your fleets to crush your enemy?

Well, first, you probably need to know some of the basics of how they work! We approached the design of fliers very carefully. We wanted to make sure this was still a Naval game at heart, with fliers as a Support unit to your main fleet. We tried to balance gameplay with realism as much as possible; therefore ships can’t simply sail up to a flier and unleash a broadside and kill it, as in reality the flier would be out of the trajectory of the ships and safe. At the same time, fliers have turning angles like the other ships, to stop them being able to constantly carry out attacks on a single ship until it is sunk.