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Mantic Announces Kings of War Worldwide Event

As part of their Get Back Gaming campaign, Mantic is going to be running a worldwide Kings of War event. The event was originally supposed to happen last year, but then last year happened. As such, it's coming this year, and it's gotten some updates from its original version.

From the article:

So far this week we’ve been talking about our exciting Get Back Gaming initiative. Whether you’re planning on coming down to HQ, watching online or perhaps even attending a tournament, we’re trying to make it as easy as possible to get your gaming buzz back. After yesterday’s blog talking about Armada, today we’re delving into Kings of War!

One of the key elements of Kings of War is that we want a storyline that is always changing. This means that between editions there will be key events that shape the narrative and potentially even change an entire army list.

Back in 2017 we held the Edge of the Abyss campaign. This told the dramatic battle between the forces of Good – led by the Green Lady – battling against the expansion of the Abyss. The war took in numerous different regions of Pannithor as the various factions fought to battle it out. Then, based on your results, it shaped the narrative in Third Edition. For example, the Free Dwarfs were pushed out of the Halpi Mountains and into Abercarr, meanwhile the area around the Abyss was flooded, which meant the Brotherhood was broken up into different factions. It also led to creation of some new and well-liked characters, including Nomagarok, Banick Kholearm and Dravak Dalkan.

We’ve always had the plan that, ideally, we want to hold an online campaign like Edge of the Abyss every two years – or even annually. However, we never quite reached that lofty goal! Despite this, when we were planning Kings of War activity for 2020 we were super excited about finally holding an online campaign based around the Halpi Mountains. In fact, we were so excited we gave the green light to a new book (Halpi’s Rift) and a new two-player starter set based around the goblins fighting the Ratkin for control of the holds underneath Halpi… and then the pandemic happened. Our grand plans for an online campaign fell to bits – or so we thought!