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Mantic Announces Helloby: The Dice Game

Mantic will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign for new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game. But that's not the only game they're looking to fund with the project. They've announced that they'll also have Hellboy: The Dice Game as part of the campaign. What's that game like? Well, click on through to see.

From the announcement:

Along with the expansions, which add new Agents, new minions and new bosses to Hellboy: The Board Game, we wanted to turn the upcoming Kickstarter up to 11 by adding Hellboy: The Dice Game! But what is the dice game and how did it get created? Well, dear reader, let’s go on a journey together to find out more.

It all started in the distant past pre-COVID. At Mantic HQ we had a LOT of Hellboy dice samples and we were starting to mess around using them for different game concepts.

So one day, Matt and I (Rob) start designing a push your luck game that used these dice. The basic idea was that you had a limited amount of resources and had to get the best score without going ‘bust’! We liked the concept that often in the Hellboy comics, it’s about Hellboy or the members of the B.P.R.D. really pushing themselves to achieve a goal. Sometimes that all works out, but other times it (literally) explodes in their face.