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Mantic Announces Get Back Gaming Events

The pandemic is still going on over much of the world, but the end is in sight as more vaccine shots are getting into more arms every day. I know I'm more than ready to Get Back Gaming. And Mantic is too. That's why they've started their Get Back Gaming campaign including several events to... well, get us back to gaming.

From the article:

Are you ready to Get Back Gaming? It’s been a tough year for tabletop gaming. Without the opportunity for face-to-face gaming or tournaments, many of us have definitely felt something lacking… although it has been great for getting some of those hobby projects done! Ronnie almost finished his dwarf army – you know, the army he has been working on since time began. Think he was in lockdown due to the bubonic plague when he started.

However, there is now finally some light at the end of the tunnel here in the UK and elsewhere around the world, which means we can slowly (and carefully) come out of hibernation and start gaming again. With that in mind, we wanted to arrange a series of events and activities to celebrate that fact that we’re able to get back gaming here in the UK, but also give everyone something to get excited about… even if they’re unable to game in-person just yet.

That means we’re going to be hosting a variety of events under the ‘Get Back Gaming’ umbrella. Some will be in-person here at Mantic HQ, while others will be virtual events… and some are quite a long way away, when hopefully more of us are able to meet up and roll dice.

So, before we go into more detail, let’s give you some highlights that we’ll be talking about this week…

Key dates for your diary:

  • May 17th Mantic Store Open five days a week
  • May 19th An Idiot’s Guide to Armada (more on that tomorrow)
  • June 26th Grand Re-opening and Mantic Online Preview (see below)
  • August 27th-30th Fight for the Rift: Kings of War Online Campaign long weekend (we’ll be talking about that on Wednesday)