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Mantic Announces Firefight Public Playtest

Mantic is looking to bring out a new edition of Firefight and they want your help to make it the best game it can be. They've announced their open playtest for this 2nd edition. You can head over and check out the game, give your feedback, and you could make the game all that it can be.

From the article:

There are exciting times ahead for fans of sci-fi skirmish games because we’re preparing a new edition of Firefight and, even better, you get to help us playtest it! We want Firefight Second Edition to be fast-paced, furious and, most importantly of all, fun!

Over the past year Andy “Dr. Deadzone” Sharp has been developing Firefight in his top secret laboratory and it’s now go to the point where we’re ready for the public to start playing… and probably break it.

The main concept behind Firefight Second Edition is that we wanted a game that scaled up from Deadzone, rather than scaled down from Warpath. In fact, Firefight Second Edition started as Deadzone XL, which Andy playtested at the Mantic Open Day a few years ago.