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Mall Kids: More Malls, More Kids RPG Expansion Up On Kickstarter

I was never much of a mall rat. Sure, I definitely knew my way around the local mall as a teen, but I wasn't there all the time. Some of the other kids I went to school with, however, oh yeah. Like John Schloup who became king of the mall rats at one point. I wonder what he's up to now... Well, even if I don't know what John's doing, I can head back to those days in Mall Kids, an RPG all about hanging out down at the local mall and getting in trouble. The new expansion, More Malls, More Kids is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Mall Kids: More Malls, More Kids is a major expansion to Mall Kids, including new options for teens and malls, new scenarios, and new modules that change the game rules and objectives. Stay one step ahead of mall security, experience different seasons at the mall, or spend the night in a spooky mall! All of this content can be mixed and matched to create your unique game, and can be combined with all previous Mall Kids content. 

About the Expansion

Mall Kids was created to be a simple and approachable storytelling game for any type of gamer. People love how easy it is to jump into a game, but have been asking for more options and ways to play. I've heard you loud and clear! This expansion includes dozens of new options for characters, malls, and scenarios, offering tables for random creation, to choose from, or to inspire your own ideas.

There are also a number of new modules that can be used to alter how the game is played. These short sections include new rules for resolving challenges, new structure to the game day (or night, if you're feeling spooky), and entirely new rules for sniffing out a secret shopper or evading mall security. You can use these modules with virtually any of the existing Mall Kids options and even combine some modules together for use in one game. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect:

  •  Secret Shopper - work to discover the secret shopper before they find you
  •  F&$K the Police - be teens, do crimes
  •  Spooky Mall - explore a haunted mall at night, if you dare
  •  Many Months of Mall - twelve modules for seasonal mall fun by Olivia Adams 
  •  Massive Mall - an epic quest across the largest mall in the land by Kaitlin Bruder 
  •  Abandoned Mall - an emotional homecoming for grown-up teens
  •  Ever Upwards - a dystopian future mall by Ben Doran 
  •  Mall at the End of the World - capitalism during the collapse by Erin Perry 
  •  More Options - malls, scenarios, teens, and more

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 8 days left to go.