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Malifaux Crew Builder App Now Available on Digital

There's a lot of options to weigh when making a crew for Malifaux. Lots of different figures you can bring in that all have different interactions. You can make your squad via just looking at the cards, but having something digital to keep track of it all certainly helps. That's where Malifaux's Crew Builder App comes in. You can download your copy now.

From the announcement:

This week, we took Waldo shopping. To make him feel comfortable in this digital age, we decided to take him somewhere closer to his own comfort level: a desolate ruin where the people fight for scraps and attention called a “mall.” After the umpteenth request, like “can I help you” and “do you need a hand with that” and “don’t eat that” and “please stop burning the merchandise,” Waldo just about got his fill. That was until we stumbled into the food court. We’ve never seen Waldo more excited.

So while we try to drag him away from the pretzel stand, let’s go over the next big thing for Malifaux Third Edition!

You might remember our announcement a while back about the Malifaux Third Edition app and its beta. Well, thanks to our incredible testing community who found bugs and suggested features, we (well, mainly our dev and fellow community member, DZ) managed to put something together that we’re quite proud of.

Today, we’re announcing that the Malifaux Crew Builder app is now available on mobile devices!