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Magignosis Character Classes Up On Kickstarter

Whenever a character levels up in an RPG, it should be something cool. You get better at whatever you've been doing this whole time. But, sometimes, you have a class that doesn't really get anything when they gain a level. It can be sort of a "well, that was pointless" moment. The four classes that are part of the Magignosis Kickstarter give you something every time you level.

From the campaign:

If a character in a D&D-influenced show or book leveled up from 5 to 6 and the author didn't explicitly tell you, would you even notice? They'd get 5% more likely to hit an enemy, resist certain kinds of spells and traps, and they'd be able to cast one or two extra spells before resting, but unless you're counting each sword swipe and doing statistical analysis to determine when they started making two attacks every six seconds, you'd never know. In a Magignosis class, you'd know, because every time you level up, you get something awesome. Depending on how they're built, a Magignosis beguiler leveling up to 6 gets the ability to infiltrate an enemy caster's mind to blow up their spells before they can cast them as an attack of opportunity, create an illusion of a pulsing, hypnotic pattern of light that fascinates everyone who looks at it, or the ability to inspire their allies every time they defeat an enemy. They don't just get 5% better at stuff they could already do, they get new powers.

This philosophy for class-design is really appealing for a certain type of player, traditionally called "the butt-kicker" and which I've named "Jim" after the Darths and Droids character. Jim loves awesome powers, and a Magignosis class gives him an awesome new power at every single level. They're all fully compatible with existing classes, so Pete (the min-maxer) can play a regular class and pick out each of his bonus feats and get a bonus to his AC against javelins thrown by quarter-elven worshipers of botany, insufferable madness, or shoelaces so long as he's concealed by the dimming twilight of a winter sun, and also take a racial trait where his grandpa's aunt is a drow so twilight's an hour and fifteen minutes earlier for him, and Jim can skip all that and just have an army of zombies.

The campaign is up and running now, but there's only 6 days left to get in on the action.