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Magical Industrial Revolution Setting Book Up On Kickstarter

We've seen a whole bunch of post-apocalyptic settings for various games. But what about having a book set before everything went kerplooey? That's what you get with Magical Industrial Revolution. It's a new setting book for RPGs that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This book is about Atlantis before the tide turned. It's about Hyperborea before it vanished between dimensions. It's about Nu Yark Citee before the Mushroom Bombs hit.

It’s a Role Playing Game setting guide to the greatest and most ambitious city in the world: Endon. It's about a world slowly tipping onto its side, and all the interesting things that begin to slide at the start of a revolution. It's about people with grand dreams pushing the boundaries of the possible, and the strange machines and devices they create along the way.

But mostly it's about magic.

Think of this book as a Locking swEdish Geometric Object kit. You can build the thing on the box cover using all the pieces, or you can make an entirely new kit, or you can integrate it into an existing kit, box of parts, or display. If you don’t like a section, don’t use that section. Maybe you’re only here for the magic items. The entire book is designed to be pulled apart, altered, and recombined.

It’s also designed to be practical: minimum lore, maximum utility. It’s a toolbox, not a decoration.

The items, creatures, citizens, and pre-apocalyptic scenarios in this book are designed to work with any system. There’s a distinct Old School flavour to some areas, but the book was also designed with D&D 5th Edition compatibility in mind. The free preview below should give you an idea of what adjustments might be required to make this book work with your system of choice.

The campaign's closing in on 2x funded with 11 days left to go.