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Magic Item Grimoire For 5th Edition Up On Kickstarter

I mean, sure, you can head to the Red Dragon Brother's Magic Item Emporium and Groceries to pick up just a +1 sword or a +2 shield, but where's the fun in that? How about you instead pick up a sentient weapon, or a weapon set, or some other much more interesting piece of gear? That's what you'll find in the Magic Item Grimoire, that's up on Kickstarter now. Also, they have special custom dice. So there's that.

From the campaign:

Ancient Fantasms & Oddities presents their first project for DnD 5th edition, the Magic Item Grimoire. This book with over 100 pages of content is loaded with magic items, item sets, sentient items, and a new mechanic, stage weapons. A brand new, limited edition die set made exclusively for kickstarter and a dice bag completes this bundle. Please help us complete this project!

The Kickstarter is up and running now and is set to go for another 26 days.