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Mage Company Partners With Quartermaster Logistics

It's never fun when things go awry with a Kickstarter campaign. Backers want their product they previously paid for and were promised. Unfortunately, sometimes snags happen, such as with Aether Captains and Carrotia from Mage Company. However, they've been working at getting it straightened out, and now they're ready to announce that they've paired up with Quartermaster Logistics to deliver games to backers.

From the website:

Is been some time since our last update. We had to work on several things in order to bring you some good news and move forward after a long delay:

1. The games (Aether Captains & Carrotia) and the expansions were sent to two storage warehouses in New York and in Hamburg. This was arranged by our Chinese shipper. Both warehouses do not act as vendors like Funagain who ships out KS packages and so on. Both warehouses are simple storage facilities.

2. We had previously mentioned that we were searching to find a new vendor with similar pricing with Funagain games instead of waiting to move out the old stock and so on. We searched about new vendors even before summer but we did not have found anyone. Eventually and with the assistance of some people we know through friendly publishers, we came in contact with Quarter Master. The last weeks we had an extensive discussion on they way they work, what we need and so on. So the good news is that Quarter Master will be our new vendor not just for this project but for all of our products, either this is a Kickstarter, or an online order and so on. So, we contacted our Chinese shipper to prepare some paperwork that is necessary for our games to be released and then arrange transfer of the games to the warehouse of Quarter Master. This is an extra cost for us, but we will handle it among others. The Chinese shipper (is our partner since 2010) sent us message today that they will arrange the paperwork after holidays. We will keep close contact in any case, so you will know once the games are transfered to the new warehouse.