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Machina Arcana Board Game Up on Kickstarter

The folks over at Adreama Games have launched their Kickstarter for Machina Arcana. It's a cooperative steampunk horror game that pits players against a strange environment filled with all manner of creepy monsters. Survival is key, but even if you get to the end, there's a final challenge that awaits you all.

About the game:

Machina Arcana is a cooperative steampunk horror game for 1-4 players. Players take on the role of explorers thrown into dreadful halls, scratching for survival and progressing through the chapters from one of many horror stories. Even if they manage to stay alive till the end of the story, they will face a special mini game at the finale of each scenario. The unique environment, interactive inventory, combat mechanics and tactical diversity are all enveloped in an integral storytelling experience that provides both total immersion in the world and full replay value.

The campaign is more than 2x funded with still 21 days left to go.