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Machi Koro Legacy and Mental Blocks Now Available From Pandasaurus

A new pair of games are hitting shelves from Pandasaurus. For those that like abstract puzzles, you can have yourself a look at Mental Blocks. It kind of reminds me of the old Tangrams pieces, but in 3D. For fans of Machi Koro, there's a new version of that game with Machi Koro Legacy. Now, when you build your city, it will stay built.

From the announcement:

The lastest edition in the smash hit Machi Koro series, Machi Koro Legacy is an all new game that changes before your eyes as it unfolds with an amazing and surprise filled narrative arc.

No spoilers, so all we can say is the story is a tale of [redacted] based on the Japanese [redacted] that was created with input from Nobuake Takerube, and co-designed by Rob Daviau, the father of the legacy gaming system.

Mental Blocks is a frenetic 3D puzzle game like no other. Players must work together to solve 3D puzzles before time runs out!  Each player has their own secret perspective to the puzzle, but everyone has a restriction: Some players can only touch certain blocks, others cannot speak. Variable levels and time limits make for family fun or game group brain burning.