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Lunar Base Card Game Up On Kickstarter

For decades now, humans have been giving serious consideration to building a permanent second home for some of us up on the moon. And while actual attempts to do that are still in just the planning phase, being able to live vicariously through our games are much closer to reality. For example, there's Lunar Base, a new base-building card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the article:

Lunar Base is a base-building strategy card game that takes place on the moon.

To win the Lunar Space Race:

  •   Build powerful modules
  •    Recruit agents to infiltrate other bases
  •    Gather influence
  •    Hoard lunar credits
  •    House colonists
  •    Earn renown through scientific achievements

We chose the format of a compact card game from the beginning. Our game is aimed to be quick and easy to learn for everybody. It should not be the primary attraction of the game night (although, it can!) but rather, a quick side game. Thus the game length is modest, 30 minutes max, not more. Portability and easy setup are key and we wanted the game to keep its appeal after many-many rounds of play.

Today Lunar Base is more than just an idea. The final prototype is ready. It’s been tested and refined over thousands of hours of play by more than a hundred players.

The game's headed for 4x funded with 28 days left to go.