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Love's Labour's Liberated 5e RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

There's still about a week left of February, the month of love. And that's about how much time is left in the Love's Labour's Liberated 5th Edition zine that's up on Kickstarter now. The project looks to bring more love-themed characters and items to your games.

From the campaign:

For the month of Valentine's, the ideals of Chivalry, the power of Enchantment, and the magic of love deserve a place in your 5th Edition fantasy campaign. To ignite that creative spark on game night, Love's Labour's Liberated introduces several thematically-appropriate variations of 5e mechanics. 

Within this zine, you'll find rules for a romance-flavored Cavalier archetype, the Cavalier of Love. A passionate defender of worthy causes, the downtrodden, and even a squire-most-handsome as much as any maiden fair, this idealized fighter makes war for love. 

Cavalier are a champion of a cause.

This likens back to stories where Knights or warriors would actually stand for specific ideals, or they would swear their loyalty to specific duties or concepts. Their skills and abilities are planned around being such champions and keeping the oaths they make.

We see this as an image of knights swearing themselves to defend the Queen, or Joan of Arc, where they fought for specific people or ideals.

Ready to play an Enchanter? Your silver tongue is magical and as spellbinding as the most amorous sonnet; all who meet you want to bask in your presence. For your mage, there's a new spell list that expresses your magics in more evocative ways, and thoughts on how to make your character the paramount paramour.

The Enchanter spell selection is being picked to reflect wizards of legend, more of a "power behind the throne" type of thinking, using examples like Merlin or Circe. Spells will be heavier in Enchantment and Illusion types of spells, but not necessarily restrictive to those. The power base may relate to less combat-oriented abilities, but it does not mean they are useless by any means.

Beyond archetypes and spells, there are Magic Items forged in the fires of love and loss. These treasures are powered by the flames of emotion, offering simple story hooks as well as full adventures to claim them. In addition, expect poetic notes and essays about amore played out in your game. 

Many of the traditional legends and myths that D&D stems from held romanticism in some sense or another. Unfortunately, this often is taken out, and the theme is lost. Our zine is looking to provide information and ways to re-introduce romantic themes to 5e adventures.

Even though the overall design of our zine is connecting the content via adventure hooks, the real goal is to provide content that could be taken and utilized in any 5e setting. We are not looking to create one time use content, but instead content that can help to add some seasoning to a campaign.

Enhancing the feel of this project is the the mood-setting poetry of Leland Beauchamp. 

The campaign is about halfway to its goal with 8 days left to go.