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Love is in the Air at Wyrd Games

Very few game companies love their holidays like Wyrd Games does. Any time one comes around, you can bet that they'll have something special going on. This time around, it's Valentine's Day and they've got a new Scheme for Malifaux as well as an Augment for Through the Breach. Add a bit of love to your games today.

From the post:

Ah, star-crossed love. Is there anything more beautifully tragic? Technically yes, as this new Scheme for Malifaux is sure to set hearts aflutter (and make them go still quickly after). Lover’s Dilemma can be added to any Scheme Pool, so you can be sure to have a Valentine’s Day massacre wherever you are.

How Lover’s Dilemma becomes part of the Scheme pool is intentionally left open-ended. If you’d like to add this only if a Joker is flipped, or replace a Scheme that you don’t particularly enjoy, feel free! Just make sure that both players are ready for the holiday-themed fun.


Half-price candy is always good, but love potions are even better! This free Through the Breach Augment lets you introduce Aphrodina Trott, a strange but enthusiastic peddler of love potions. Most of these drinks are just tasty, but some have a peculiar bit of magic-infused into them. Have the Fated take a drink and see what happens!