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Lots of New Releases From Warlord Games

Warlord Games certainly doesn't skimp when it comes to new releases hitting their shelves. There's two pre-orders for Strontium Dog, a new unit for Bolt Action, and four Beyond the Gates of Antares kits to go over. So let's not waste any more time.

Pre-order: Strontium Dog – Bubo and the Bad Boys

Riding their bipedal Mork steeds, Bubo and his howler henchmen raided for valuables and for meat – they cooked and devoured their prisoners! This reign of terror finally led to the mayor of the latest town to be hit by Bubo’s gang to call on the Search/Destroy agency to send help.

Pre-order: Strontium Dog – Wasters

Often described as the worst of the worst, these wasters populate the Strontium Dog universe. They cause mayhem for either a quick buck or looking to do some serious harm.

Pre-order: Fallschirmjager squad (tropical Uniform)

They played a vital part in Greece campaign – most notably during Operation Mercury, the invasion of Crete. This pyrrhic victory would be the last time the Fallschirmjäger dropped from the skies en masse – Hitler forbade such actions after the horrific losses they incurred taking the island.

In North Africa, the Ramcke Parachute Brigade was formed to assist Axis forces in the Western Desert campaign in 1942. Fallschirmjäger units were also redeployed to Tunisia to protect vital locations from the Allies following the Allied landings in French North Africa. As the Allies pushed further into Italy itself the Green Devils were amongst the most stubborn opponents – most notably at the great monastery at Monte Cassino in 1944.

New: Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone with Plasma Light Support

The plasma light support gun – often abbreviated to Plasma LS – is the ultimate in rapid firing infantry support weapons and the mainstay of Concord and Isorian weapon drone units.

New: Boromite Lavamite Handler on Suspensor Platform

Suspensor platforms are disc‐shaped platforms that are used to carry, lift and transport anything up to a fairly substantial load. Their internal suspensors can manipulate large weights and they can carry objects on their suspensor cradle that are greater in size than their own disc diameter.

Suspensor platforms are therefore the ideal workmate for Boromite miners. The suspensor platform provides a convenient means for the Guild’s Matriarch to move elegantly about – a practical necessity given that most Matriarchs conform to the Boromite tradition of Enormity by which they are seen to assert their right to rule.

New: Algoryn Heavy Support Team with Mag Heavy Support

The mag heavy support gun – often abbreviated to Mag HS – is a long‐ranged very rapid firing and hard‐hitting weapon favoured by Algoryn and to some extent Freeborn forces.

New: Freeborn Heavy Support Team with Mag Mortar

The mag mortar is a very large calibre magnetic launcher built to lob a heavy shell at relatively short ranges. It is another common type of artillery found in most forces.