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Lost in Straya Survival Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Look, we all know that Australia was separated from the rest of the continents in order to house all the dangerous animals, plants, and terrain that occupy that island. And yet, people live there anyway. Oh well. Just don't get lost... Oh, we've already gotten lost. Well, keep an eye out for rescue and avoid all the various natural flora and fauna that aren't so human-friendly. That's the object of Lost in Straya, a new survival card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Lost in Straya is a survival card game with fighting, crafting and scavenging. You play as a tourist who becomes stranded during an exciting outback safari. Be the first player to get rescued by finding phone reception - all while scavenging for supplies, surviving dangerous environments and fighting off vicious wildlife!

For 1-6 players, ages 8+, 20 min game time 

The game's making its way to 4x funded with 20 days left to go.