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Looney Labs Announces Fantasy Fluxx

Draw a card. Play a card. That's the rules of Fluxx. At least, at the beginning it is. After that, it can get a little complicated. The game has been a favorite for years and is always coming out with new sets. And Looney Labs has just announced a new one: Fantasy Fluxx.

From the website:

Gather your friends for a party – an adventuring party, that is! Pack up your Second Breakfasts and set off on a classic quest with your faithful companions, the Helpful Elf, the Dwarven Warrior, the Gallant Swordsman, the Wise Old Wizard, and of course, the Humble Young Hero! Learn from the Cranky Magic Teacher how to use your Wand to cast spells like Invisibility or Fireball! You may need them as you encounter the Dreaded Pirate, or when you find out that Captured Princess is actually the Mother of Dragons! Will you and your fantasy favorites survive the Final Showdown with the Dark Lord? Find out when you play Fantasy Fluxx!