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Long Live the King Social Deduction Game Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

The social structures and hierarchies in kingdoms can get incredibly complicated incredibly quickly. Nobles of all types have their own secret plots to not just get and maintain power, but look to improve their standing... maybe even overthrow a monarchy or two. But who can you trust? That's always the question, and it's the same in Long Live the King, a new Secret Identity/Social Deduction game coming to Kickstarter soon from Guilt-free Gaming.

From the website:

Long Live the King (LLtK) is a strategic card game with Secret Identities, Deduction, and Murder. The theme of the game is built around the balance of Power in the Middle Ages.

LLtK is the perfect combination of a social party game with complexity. It is setup within a minute, has minimal pieces, the familiarity of a card game, secret identities, and a play-style that gets incredibly complex the more you play it. Pair that with our randomized roles and you get a game that stays fresh and is never the same. Each game lasts only 15-30 minutes so you can try out new roles and strategies.


  mikehansenasu at Aug-10 20
This game is a blast to play! You can play it free on Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia. It goes live on Kickstarter August 25th.