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Lofi Bards to Study and Relax to RPG Up On Kickstarter

You're in high school. You're not far from graduation. You're also capable of casting spells. That's where you find yourself in Lofi Bards to Study and Relax to, a new urban fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

You and your friends are students at a magical high-school, college or university and exams are coming up! Go on magical adventures, reveal ancient secrets and forge deep bonds with your friends - just make sure you don’t miss class!

To help you on your journey, you’re equipped with one of your most prized possessions - the Notestrider. When a reel of magical tape is placed in this small, arcane box, it plays a recording of whatever is stored on the tape; usually through a strange pair of mechanical earmuffs. You and your tight-knit group of friends all put together a mixtape of your favourite songs for studying - 'lofi bards to study and relax to' - and the relaxing beats and chilled out vibes might just be enough to see you through the crazy world of arcane education!

Inspired by fantasy franchises like Dungeons and Dragons and Harry Potter, the real-life experience of high-school and university, and the wave of lofi hip-hop that's been the soundtrack to many sleepless nights all over the world, Lofi Bards brings a unique style and atmosphere to a hugely popular genre of role-playing games. As you play, your characters will experience the joys of friendship, the loneliness of late nights, the tension of education and the excitement of exploring the mysterious magical world for the first time. That's the heart of the game: that mixture of happiness, melancholy, peace and turmoil that encapsulates not only the lofi genre, but the experience of growing up.

The campaign's more than 10x funded (being fair, they weren't asking much) but only has 5 days left to go.