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Live Launch Coming Soon For Oil War

The live launch event for Oil War, the latest expansion for Team Yankee, is coming soon. Be there for all sorts of special articles, live video, release specials, and more.

From the announcement:

The Oil War Live Launch is coming soon! Join us as we update the website on the fly with content from the Battlefront Studio. More details will be coming so stay tuned.

Kahlani's Warriors Plastic Army Deal

A horrendous clang shook the entire Merkava 2 of Lieutenant Adam Koren. Koren’s ears rang and all other sounds were muffled. He searched ahead for the enemy tank that had just hit them, locating it about 2000 metres to the northwest. He slapped his gunner Avi’s shoulder to get his attention.“Target, 2000 metres, Sabot,” he shouted...

Hussain's Republican Guard Plastic Army Deal

The company of T-72 tanks advanced up the highway, their goal was the flank of the Iranian positions about three kilometres distant. Captain Mahmod Haddad had positioned his tank in the second tank in the column. As they closed to two kilometres, he signalled his tank commanders to fan out on either side of the highway. The tanks spread out line-abreast and came to a halt...

Ayatollah's Revolutionaries Plastic Army Deal

Major Hassan Jazani stood in the turret of his tank with his head out of the commander’s cupola observing as his first two tank groups moved around the sand dune and onto the track leading to the narrow gap between two outcrops. His HQ was next, with his last tank group trailing behind as a reserve. They moved slowly but steadily, so as to minimise the dust cloud signature of his eleven Chieftain tanks, making the twenty minutes seem like an eternity...

Oil War Unit Cards

Unit and Formation cards play a key role in Team Yankee. Whilst building your army they contain all the relevant information that you need to know to help you build your Force, starting with what Formations are available, what support you can take through to how tanks you get in a platoon. Then, once you start playing your games the Unit Cards have all the information you need to know from how much armour your tanks have to how fast the units move.

If you don't want to lug around an army book then Unit Cards are the ultimate lightweight option! These card packs contain everything you'll need to field a Iraqi or Iranian force in Team Yankee.