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Little Monster Detectives RPG Up On Kickstarter

Things go missing. Strange noises eminiate in the night. Furniture has been slightly moved, making you stub your toe. If these things are happening to you, you might have some monsters about. Best to call in the Little Monster Detectives. It's the new RPG book that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This is no ordinary book. There are monsters inside! Yes, you got that right. Monsters exist and live with us. But don't be afraid, they aren't bad... at least not entirely.

Have you ever noticed that you might be missing socks or that you hear strange noises in the dead of night? You aren't absent-minded nor do the pipelines make noises. They're the Monsters of Darkness! But don't panic because there are brave detectives whose job is to catch them so they will stop bothering you. They are none other than the Monster Detectives.

What? Did I get that right? You want to be a detective too? Then this is your book! With Little Monster Detectives you can create a team with your friends and catch the monsters that scare you at night. Solve mysteries, get to know the Monsters of Darkness and prove how brave you are. But above all prepare to live a bunch of adventures and have a great time!

Welcome to the Monster Detectives Agency!

Little Monster Detectives is a Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game for kids. The game is about the Monster Detective Agency, children and grownups that investigate mysterious monster mischief. With simple and scalable rules and different game modes, Little Monster Detectives wishes to be the first roleplaying game for your kids.

The project's main goal is to obtain the necessary funds in order to print an English version and to share our excitement for this game with English-speaking kids an adults. Furthermore, this will be the first translation from the Spanish RPG publishing house Nosolorol. We want to share our game with players from all around the world.

The campaign's about halfway to its funding goal with 28 days left to go.