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LionWing Publishing to Kickstarter English Version of Embryo Machine Board Game

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! Ok, so giant Mecha, but close enough. LionWing Publishing has announced that they'll be bringing the hit, Japanese board game Embryo Machine, all about mecha combat, to an English-speaking audience via Kickstarter. The campaign is set to launch next month.

From the article:

LionWing is excited to announce that we will be bringing the English version of the hit Japanese mecha-based skirmish board game, Embryo Machine, to Kickstarter in February 2021! Embryo Machine is an anime-themed tabletop combat game for 2-6 players featuring mecha-based battles that unfold across modular boards and a combat system that utilizes a combination of card drafting, simultaneous action selection, and grid movement. Embryo Machine is one of the latest game from studio Cosaic, the design team behind classics like Shadow Hunters, Demon Worker, and Zombie Tower 3D.

In Embryo Machine, up to six players engage in action-packed free-for-all or team-based showdowns making use of the game's grid battlefield and the cards with which they draft and equip their mechas. Players start each game by first choosing which mecha—called Embryo Machines, or "EMs" for short—they'd like to pilot, according to their playstyle, and then utilize a deck of cards unique to their EM that comprises all of their unit's equipment and attacks.

Once players have their EMs set up, they then build the battlefield using the modular board that comes with the game. On the board are wide open fields, bottlenecks, stat-altering terrain, and various other obstacles to contend with. Players then position their EMs on the field using the two-sided custom standees, which feature each Embryos' art, and prepare to maneuver around the battlegrounds.

Play in Embryo Machine is fast-paced, leaving little room for downtime. This quick-playing approach is accomplished through the use of the game's simultaneous action selection system wherein players reveal the movement of their EMs, as well as their actions, at the same time as one another. Having to predict your enemy's movement and incoming assaults are part of the complex yet seamless strategy of the game.

Embryo Machine is a great game for both newcomers and veterans of the skirmish genre. Each Embryo Machine unit has a Basic version and an Advanced version—with the former being a more simplified, streamlined version while the latter is a more complex one—thus allowing for casual and competitive matches.

This play pace lends itself well to the game's theme too, providing players with the feeling of piloting giant mecha at breakneck speeds across lush vistas, dodging attacks and firing off shots in quick succession; the type of action you might see in shows and games like Gundam, Evangelion, and Armored Core.