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LionWing Publishing Creating English Edition of Gun and Gun Card Game

Knowing only English, I know that there's a ton of games out there that I can't read and therefore can't really play. Thankfully, there are companies willing to translate games into English (that's easier for me than trying to learn every language in the world). LionWing Publishing is going to bring the Japanese card game Gun and Gun (with a third gun, would that make it Trigun?) to an English-speaking audience.

From the article:

LionWing Publishing is thrilled to announce that we will be bringing the English version of the hit Japanese expandable card game, Gun and Gun, to Kickstarter next month! Gun and Gun is a fast-playing battle card game for that sports action-packed one-versus-one duels, a distinct two-deck draft system, and gorgeous Japanese art that depicts a unique cyberpunk-infused post-apocalyptic world and a cast of anime girls who wield all manner of deadly futuristic firearms. Gun and Gun is the latest game from Japanese design studio Keepdry, the same team that brought you Core Connection: Rise of Atlantis and Core Connection: Titans Unleashed!

Gun and Gun is a "high-speed, double-gun" card game that utilizes both new and traditional battle card game mechanics. It employs an expandable card game model, so there's no need to purchase random boosters. What's most compelling about Gun and Gun though is its trademark two-deck card pool that players draft from each turn. At the beginning of the game, players choose a character (called "Gunners"), one of their three Gunner's associated Skill Cards, and then two guns with which to equip their chosen character. Both of these guns have their own separate deck of cards attached to them. Each turn, instead of pulling from a single deck, players have the option to pull from either of their two Gun Decks depending on the situation, the gun they want to use, and the play they want to make.

Gun and Gun's two-deck system adds a layer of strategy simply not present in most traditional one-deck battle card games. This wrinkle in the time-honored formula changes how players approach the game, requiring them to re-conceptualize the competitive card game experience they've become so accustomed to over the decades. Moreover, through the implementation of its two-deck format, games fly by. This makes Gun and Gun a great option when you're either limited on time or want to get in as many matches as possible.

Furthermore, Gun and Gun is an accessible game. Those who have never played a collectible/trading card game needn't be scared off here; the game's been designed not to overwhelm newcomers and instead get them right into the fun and right into learning the mechanics. Over time, of course, the depth of Gun and Gun's nuanced gameplay begins to show itself, ultimately making it a great experience for newcomers and genre-veterans alike.