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Limitless NPCs Up On Kickstarter

Limitless Adventures is running a new Kickstarter campaign. In this case, it's Limitless NPCs. Now, as much as it would be cool to actually be limitless, there aren't actually an infinite number of NPCs in the book. That would take too long to print. However, there are over a hundred of them for your 5th edition D&D games, and that's pretty good to fill up quite a few sessions in your games.

From the campaign:

  • 101 setting-neutral  Non-Player Characters 
  • 5e stat blocks
  • Creative CR appropriate treasure
  • Dozens of skill challenges
  • New monsters, gods, and magic items
  • 300+ Further Adventure™ writing  prompts

These NPCs, drawn from our products, have been expanded and  grouped by role. Limitless NPCs vol. 1 is available in a softcover format, or as a PDF. All printing and binding will be handled by Ka-Blam, a digital printing house with  over a decade of experience and multiple Kickstarter campaigns  (including all of ours) under their belt. Shipping is available to any  country in the world (please note that shipping will originate from the  United States) via the USPS.

The campaign's closing in on 10x funded with still 15 days left to go.