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Liminal: Beneath the Stones Adventure Available From Modiphius

When it comes to ancient standing stones, the best bet is to just let them be. However, a construction company has gotten the rights to develop the area. Before they get to putting in a new minimall, archeologists have one last chance to see what's going on. Now, the local town has been swallowed by a mysterious mist. Just what is going on in Haltwhistle? That's up to you to find out in Beneath the Stones, a new adventure for Liminal that's available now from Modiphius.

From the website:

The Mare and Foal standing stones, just outside the town of Haltwhistle, are the only two stones remaining of an ancient stone circle. It is far from the best-known stone circle in Britain, but it marks an ancient place of geomantic power, being a place with a claim to be the exact geographical centre of Britain.

The stones are not impressive, and property developers have their eye on the site. Despite environmental protests, they now have the right to develop it. But before the developers can move in, a team of archaeologists has permission to excavate.

Now the town of Haltwhistle has been swallowed by dense mists. No word has got out. What could have happened?

Join us in this adventure for the Liminal RPG, where the magical and mundane worlds collide in the modern day United Kingdom.