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Liches: Dance Macabre RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

A Lich. They make a great campaign baddie for your RPG games. But what if you want to delve a bit deeper beyond just a single stat block in a monster manual? That's where Liches: Dance Macabre comes in. It's a new RPG supplement for both 5th edition D&D and Pathfinder that's, well, all about the Lich Life. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

     Everyone hates liches – the Sorrow Lords – more than vampires, dragons, and demons. They are sentient, free-willed open wounds in reality who corrupt everything they touch. But, a lich that never leaves its crypt is not as frightening as one that goes soul hunting. A lich that never looks up from its magical work is not as useful as one that hunts the player characters.

     The purpose of this book is to expose a lich on many levels: its magic, its mind, its goals. In so doing, liches should become a flexible tool for GMs. Also, the player characters may become better prepared to deal with them.

This book offers, with rules for Pathfinder and 5E;6 lich archetype templates,

  • 13 new spells,
  • 4 new magic items,
  • 12 new monsters,
  • A full detailed lich lair,
  • And 6 NPC liches, ready for use in a campaign!

     This book has chapters on, with rules for Pathfinder and 5E;

  • The process of becoming a lich, and the physical decay of the body that drives them insane,
  • The damage a lich does to the lands around it,
  • The anti-vibrant social life of liches,
  • How GMs may use the corruption and insanity of liches in a game,
  • And how liches steal souls and wage war!

The campaign's making its way to halfway funded with 27 days left to go.