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Lex Draconis RPG Up On Kickstarter

Mo' money, mo' problems, amirite? Well, Dragons tend to have a ton of money, so they tend to have a ton of problems. In Lex Draconis, you can play a dragon as part of the Modern Universe, tackling all the problems and issues that come with being one of the most powerful creatures in the land. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Lex Draconis is the latest entry into the Modern Universe that allows you to play the traumatized and dangerous dragons in modern Earth. Lex Draconis is a standalone corebook designed for use in the same setting as Modern RPG but stands alone as its own playable game that asks the question.. 

What would you sacrifice for power?

Lex Draconis is a game about dragons living in the modern world who must balance their nearly-divine thirst for power with their mortal lives.  The game takes inspiration from  American Gods, Vampire The Masquerade and The Eddas. It can be used in a number of different story styles: 

  •  Draconic Conflict: Many times, a dragon's biggest enemy will be another dragon who wants what they have, whether it be their territory, relics, or even their mortal happiness or one that has given up their mortality for power. These stories erupt as dragons face off in a back-and-forth that makes them thankful they have a friends to lean on. 
  •  Personal Struggles: Your stories might explore more of what it means to be a draconic soul leading a mortal life, how relationships falter and change with your newfound power and deal with exploring who the character truly is and what it means to be mortal.
  •  Quests: Some dragons may want to dive headlong into their heritage and search for new power, mythological artifacts and hidden secrets to their own lost history in quests fraught with untold dangers. 
  •  Defending What's Yours: As you balance your search for power with your mortality, others will inevitably try to take what is yours - your hoard. These stories involve an onslaught of monsters, hunters, mortals and even other dragons as they come to the your territory to wage war or even simply to live their own lives. 

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 17 days left to go.