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Lew Pulsipher's Britannia: Classic and Duel Edition Up On Kickstarter

Witchfinder Pulsipher... I mean, Lew Pulsipher's Britannia has been enjoyed by thousands of gamers over the years. If you've never had a chance to give it a try, this might be your chance. The classic game is up on Kickstarter now. And for those of you who would prefer a 2-player version of the game, there's an updated version of the rules letting you duel it out with your opponent.

From the campaign:

The much-loved historical board game Britannia returns! This edition includes over 200 beautifully sculpted plastic miniatures and two ways to play: Classic Britannia (traditional play for 3 or 4 gamers on the standard board) and Duel Britannia (faster play for 2 gamers on a new board). 

Britannia allows players to recreate the turbulent history of Britain from the coming of the Romans (in 43 A.D.) to final conquest by the Normans (1085 A.D.). Each player controls several nations and leaders including the Angles, Saxons, Irish, Norsemen, Danes, Boudicca, King Arthur, Offa, and many other recognisable names from British history. The power of each tribe will rise and fall as the game progresses through the centuries, so players must work out when to expand and when to consolidate with each of their nations. 

Classic Britannia plays in the way all Britannia fans know and love, benefiting from Lew Pulsipher’s continued development and player feedback. Duel Britannia is a new, fast-playing adaptation for two players, on a new board including Ireland.  

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 21 days.