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Leviathan Rising RPG Up On Kickstarter

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. They're pretty powerful things, and something that humanity has struggled with gaining for a long time. And that's where you find yourself in Leviathan Rising, a new Enlightenment-Punk RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Leviathan rising is a high action table top role-playing game about 17th century rebels fighting for equality, fraternity and liberty against a sinister cabal of nobles.

Characters in Leviathan Rising are chosen by the Rebellion to represent them and spearhead the fight for freedom. They can expect to move across Europe, fighting corrupt nobles, defending the innocent, freeing the enslaved and wrongfully imprisoned, opposing tyranny and stirring the hearts of the people towards liberty.

In this they have been aided by the magic of the rite of the champion. This rite has fused a spirit with the soul of the character, meaning that when they are acting to further their righteous beliefs they are able to manifest supernatural powers from the spirit.

Opposing the heroes are the Peerage, A secret society of corrupt nobles who have found the power of ritual magic and now use it to more fully oppress and subjugate their people. The Peerage has the eventual goal of elevating one of its number to the very heavens as a dark new god.

The Kickstarter is about halfway to their goal with still 35 days left to go.