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Latest Releases Available From Privateer Press

New Warmachine and Monsterpocalypse releases are hitting store shelves from Privateer Press. If you're looking for some new Mercenaries to add to your forces, you'll want to check them out. These figures continue the trend of the Infernals, both for and against, as they invade into the world. Meanwhile, Monsterpocalypse has some new Apes and Cthul monsters to add to your forces.

From the website:

OCTOBER 25, 2019

PIP 41163 Void Archon – WARMACHINE Archon Solo
PIP 41164 Thamarite Archon – WARMACHINE Archon Solo
PIP 41165 Alexia, the Undying – WARMACHINE Mercenary Solo
PIP 41166 Order of Illumination Vigilants – WARMACHINE Mercenary Morrowan Unit (5)
PIP 41167 Grand Master Gabriel Throne – WARMACHINE Mercenary Morrowan Solo
PIP 51064 Monsterpocalypse Gorghadratron – Uber Corp International Monster
PIP 51066 Monsterpocalypse White Dajan – Empire of Apes Monster
PIP 51067 Monsterpocalypse Ulgoth – Lords of Cthul Monster
PIP 51068 Monsterpocalypse Snatcher x3, Elite Snatcher x1, Hellion x1- Lords of Cthul Unit
PIP 51069 Monsterpocalypse Ape Bomber x3, Elite Ape Bomber x1, Command Ape x1 – Empire of Apes Unit

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