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Latest Issue of Wargames Illustrated Now Available

The latest issue of Wargames Illustrated is up now on their website. If you want to get all the great gaming info therein, you'll head over and order yourself a copy.

In this issue:

Wargames Illustrated WI376 February Edition is out in stores NOW and comes with a FREE plastic sprue of either British 8th Army, British Commonwealth or German Afrika Korps for the award-winning Bolt Action game from Warlord Games – Order yours today!


  • Observation Post
  • The Wargames Illustrated 2018 Awards: The Results
  • Theme: A Wargamer’s Whistle stop tour of the Russian Civil War
  • Cover Mount Connection: Anglo-Iraqi War 1941
  • Theme: Wargaming the Polish-Soviet war 1919-20
  • How to… make MTB 74
  • Theme: The War of Thirst
  • Creating a Fallschirmjäger force for use in the Mediterranean
  • Theme: Inter-war Period Miniatures (1918-1939)
  • Gaming with Dredd
  • Theme: “Trouble is my Business”
  • Designer’s Notes: Rebels & Patriots
  • Theme: Soviet Imperial Ambitions the Winter War 1939 – 1940
  • Three Days in Gettysburg (part one)
  • Club Focus: Spalding Wargames Club